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Professionelle Videokamera im Studio des Multimediazentrums der Universität Jena
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en  Introduction to the General Linear Model

Speakers: Prof. Dr. Rolf Steyer, Dipl.-Psych. Marc Müller

Winter term 2002/2003, Workshop, Course length: 9.00 hours, Language: English, Topic: Introduction to the General Linear Model

The workshop consists of two parts: A lecture part (first session) and an exercise part (second and third session).

The lecture part will be held in English. The General Linear Model and the General Linear Hypothesis are presented and illustrated by empirical examples. The topics are: formulation of the GLM in matrix notation, different ways of coding different designs (univariate as well as multivariate, and repeated measurements), estimation of parameters, and different methods of testing hypotheses in the framework of the GLM. For all examples we use SPSS syntax.

In the exercise part (second session) the participants are asked to apply the GLM to real data. The solutions to all tasks are presented.

Between the second and third session, students will have time to process a more extensive problem using GLM. The results of their work will be presented by the students in the third session (language of these presentations can be German as well).

In order to view the videos, you need the VLC Player VLC media player which you can download here. The videos are hosted at the Digitale Bibliothek Thüringen Digitale Bibliothek Thüringen (dbt). The green linked videos and materials are for free. Click the green link to watch the video or download the file! In order to access all materials and videos, you need to log in.

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