Ehemaliger Mitarbeiter: Dr. Ivailo Partchev

Wissenschaftlicher Werdegang

1971-1976 Secondary School: English-speaking grammar school, Sofia, Bulgaria

1977-1981 B.A. in statistics - Higher Institute of Economics, Sofia, 1981

1983-1986 Ph.D. in sociology - Institute of Sociology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia. Thesis on the analysis of survey data by log-linear analysis and other multivariate methods.

1993-1994 The Johns Hopkins University - SAIS Bologna Center: one year diploma of international relations

1991-1992 Scientific Secretary, Department of Sociology, Sofia University

1994 Chair of the Organizing Committee for the 1994 Conference of the Society for Multivariate Analysis in the Behavioral Sciences (SMABS) in Varna, Bulgaria.

since 1999 Vice Dean for international relations, Faculty of Philosophy, Sofia University.


1981-1983 Research unit of the Central Statistical Office, Sofia. Participated in the design of new statistical surveys.

1987-1989 Research Fellow at the Institute of Sociology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Methodological research. Sampling, questionnaire design, and data analysis for several research projects, including: Privatization and entrepreneurship in Bulgaria (with Prof. D. C. Jones, Hamilton College, N.Y., 1990); Personal modernization in Bulgaria (with Prof. Alex Inkeles, Hoover Institute of War, Revolution and Peace, Stanford University, 1987-1989)

1995 Visiting professor at ZUMA (Zentrum für Methoden, Umfragen und Methoden), Mannheim, Germany. Research into statistical models of causality (leave from Sofia University).

1995-1998 Visiting research fellow at the Institute of Educational Psychology and Psychological Diagnostics, University of Munich (LMU), Germany. Visits in 1995, 1996, 1997, and 1998, one to five months long, while on leave from Sofia University. Research into psychometrics, development of tests of intelligence (KFT), statistical analysis. Multivariate data analysis for the evaluation of gymnasiums (secondary schools) in Baden-Würtemberg (1995). Multivariate data analysis for the evaluation of the DeutschenSchülerAkademie (1996). Design and data analysis for a large-scale evaluation of tertiary education in Germany (1996-7). On-line bibliography on giftedness and talent (1998).

1997 Visiting professor at the Institute of Psychology, Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany. Research into structural equation models and multivariate statistics (leave from Sofia University).


Native: Bulgarian; Proficient in English, German, Italian, Russian; Working knowledge of French. Taught at university level in the first three.

Ausgewählte Veröffentlichungen


Goranov Goran, Blagovest Georgiev and Ivailo Partchev. The road to the Elections. Sofia University Press, 1991 (in Bulgarian)

Ivailo Partchev. Choosing Parties and Candidates: Eight Essays on One Cross-Table. Sofia, 1998


Standardization of the HAWIK-R Test of Intelligence for Bulgarian Children. In: R. Steyer, K. F. Wender, & K. F. Widaman (Eds.), Psychometric Methodology, Proceedings of the 7th European Meeting of the Psychometric Society in Trier (pp. 397-401). Stuttgart and New York: Gustav Fischer Verlag, 1993

Individual and Social Modernization in Bulgaria: Recent Evidence and Methodological Experience. In: R. Steyer, K. F. Wender, & K. F. Widaman (Eds.), Psychometric Methodology, Proceedings of the 7th European Meeting of the Psychometric Society in Trier (pp. 393-396). Stuttgart and New York: Gustav Fischer Verlag, 1993

Using multivariate analysis to visualize Bulgarian political space. In: Partchev, I. (Ed.) Multivariate analysis in the behavioral sciences: Philosophic to technical. Sofia, Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House, 1995

Using visualization techniques to explore Bulgarian politics. In: Greenacre, M., J. Blasius (Eds.) Visualization of Categorical Data. Academic Press, 1998

Steyer, R., I. Partchev and M. Shanahan. True Intra-Individual Change in Structural Equation Models: The Case of Poverty and Children's Psychosocial Adjustment. In: Modeling longitudinal and multilevel data: practical issues, applied approaches, and specific examples, edited by Todd D. Little, Kai-Uwe Schnabel, Jürgen Baumert. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2000


Partchev, I., H. Neber, K. Heller. Effekte und Determinanten der DeutschenSchülerAkademie, einer Einrichtung zur Begabungsforderung von Schülerinnen und Schülern des Gymnasiums. 40. Kongreß der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychologie, LMU München

Steyer, R., I. Partchev and O. Wüthrich-Martone. Testing unconfoundedness in the general linear model (manuscript in preparation)

About 20 articles and book chapters in Bulgarian

Collaborated in several university reports in Germany

Translated several books from or into English, including Sociology by Anthony Giddens.

Aktuelle Forschungsinteressen

Classical multivariate statistical methods

Structural equation models

Categorical data analysis, log-linear analysis

Data visualization, MDS and correspondence analysis

Multi-level statistical models

Psychometrics, item response theory

Sampling and variance estimation, bootstrapping

Public opinion research, electoral research, questionnaire design

Statistical data analysis. Extensive experience with SPSS, SYSTAT, BMDP, AMOS, EQS, LEM, HLM. Familiarity with LISREL, RAMONA, EzPath, MLn, SAS, Limdep, TDA. Programming in Pascal, awk, Fortran.