Symposium on Causality 2010 Jena University
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Universität Jena

Materialien zu den Beiträgen


Thomas D. Cook - "No child left behind. An interrupted time series analysis."

Rainer Lehmann - "Modeling academic growth in late primary/early secondary school as a function of transition patterns - How can distributional patterns be taken into account?"

Rodrigo Pinto - "Early childhood experiments: Causality and inference of compromised randomized trials."

David Rindskopf - "Aggregation of effects from single subject designs."

Peter Steiner - "Challenges and strategies in estimating propensity scores in educational research."

Rolf Steyer - "Theory and Analysis of Total, Direct, and Indirect Effects"


Derek Briggs - "Value added modeling of teacher and/or school effects."

Christiane Fiege - "Which kinds of causal effects are we looking for in educational research? - An application of the theory of causal effects"

Eckhard Klieme - Panel discussion: "Causal effects in educational research. Why and where are they important?"

Ulf Kröhne - "Comparison of quasi-experimental methods for large-scale assessments: Estimating the effect of bilingual instruction based on a subsample of the DESI study."

Oliver Lüdtke - "Schools as differential learning environments: Challenges in estimating the causal effects of schools in the German school system."

Benjamin Nagengast - "Doubly-latent contextual effect models: Their potential for school effectiveness research, league tables and causal inference."

Hans Anand Pant - Panel discussion: "Causal effects in educational research. Why and where are they important?"

Felix Thoemmes - "The use of propensity scores in multilevel models."


Salvador Chacón-Moscoso

Kelly Hallberg

Axel Mayer

Per Midthaugen

Steffi Pohl

Susana Sanduvete-Chaves

Almut Thomas

Suncica Vujics