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Symposium "Causal effects - Designs and Analysis"

From July 17 to 19, 2008 was held a conference at the "Altes Schloss Dornburg" near Jena.

Goals of the Symposium were

  1. Bringing together different traditions of analysis of causal effects (regression-based analyses, analyses based on propensity scores, analyses with instrumental variables), discussion of the state-of-the-art,
  2. Discussion of non-standard designs and problems (missing data, non-compliance, multilevel designs, regression discontinuity designs),
  3. Meeting of leading proponents of different fields where the analysis of causal effects plays an important part.
Schloss Dornburg near Jena (Photograph: Scheere)

Organizational structure

The structure of the conference was closely followed the "Symposium on Causality 2006". There were held 7 focus presentations by leading proponents in different fields of causality research. Each focus presentation was discussed and supplemented by two invited discussants, followed by an open discussion among all participants. There was also room for participants to present their own research in short presentations and poster sessions.

Focus presentations

There were focus presentations by

Thomas D. Cook (Northwestern University, USA)
"The Relative Importance of Covariate Choice, Reliability of Covariates and Analytic Method in Reducing Bias in Observational Studies"
Donald B. Rubin (Harvard University, USA)
"The Importance of Objective Design"
William R. Shadish (University of Merced, USA)
"The Empirical Program of Quasi-Experimentation: A Program of Research"
Rolf Steyer (FSU Jena, Germany)
"Generalized Analysis of Covariance"
Michael Sobel (Columbia University, New York, USA)
"Analysis of Mediator Effects"
Stephen G. West (Arizona State University, USA)
"Observational Studies: Towards improving Design and Analysis"
Christopher Winship (Harvard University, USA)
"Endogenous Selection"


Among the invited discussants were Derek Briggs (University of Colorado at Boulder, USA), Salvador Chacon-Moscoso (Universidad de Sevilla, Spain), Joseph Kang (Penn State University, USA), Andreas Klein (University of Western Ontario, Canada), Peter Steiner (Northwestern University / Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna, Austria) and Karl Wegscheider (University Hamburg, Germany).

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