Symposium on Causality 2008 Jena University
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Materialien zu den Beiträgen


Thomas D. Cook - "The Relative Importance of Covariate Choice, Reliability of Covariates and Analytic Method in Reducing Bias in Observational Studies"

Donald B. Rubin - "The Importance of Objective Design"

William R. Shadish - "The Empirical Program of Quasi-Experimentation: A Program of Research"

Rolf Steyer - "Generalized Analysis of Covariance"

Michael Sobel - "Analysis of Mediator Effects"

Stephen G. West - "Observational Studies: Towards improving Design and Analysis"

Christopher Winship - "Endogenous Selection"


Derek Briggs - "Cause or Effect? Validating the Use of Tests for High-Stakes Inferences in Education"

Joseph Kang - "Causal Inference with a putative cause measured with error"