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Contributions: Abstract

Administration of computerized adaptive tests: an application of the Rasch model

Giorgia Molinengo Renato Miceli
University of Turin

The ability to administer a test by choosing interactively the questions to be asked, on the basis of the level of ability shown by the test-taker, represents one of the borders that current techniques of psychological testing have to overcome.

In order to realize a computer adaptive testing program with the aim of administering a test better tailoredto the individuals, it is first necessary to construct a bank of items. Building an item-bank on a specific subject and especially the possibility of increasing the set of available items enable the administration of tests that, even if they are referred to a common trait, use different questions, are administered to different people and, nevertheless, are still linked each others. To achieve this goal, the use of the Rasch Model of measurement has several, and now widely acknowledged, advantages (Wright, Stone, 1979; Ingebo, 1997; Linacre, 2000).

The main aim of this study is to describe the characteristics of a procedure for administering computerized tests that are able to choose interactively the number and the sequence of the items to be asked to the individual, selecting them from a bank in which the items were previously calibrated and recorded on the basis of their level of difficulty. The goal of this procedure is getting a sufficiently accurate estimate of the performance of the individuals by administering tests that differ in the length and composition of the items but provide comparable measurements.


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