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European Association of Methodology

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Contributions: Abstract

New developments in cluster analysis

Johann Bacher
Universität Nürnberg

The presentation gives an overview of recent development in cluster analysis. On the methodological level two different trends can be distinguished: cluster analysis used as a model of data mining and development of strategies for the validation of cluster analysis.

Developments of new methods and techniques have concentrated on the following fields:

  1. development of influence-statistics
  2. using mediods instead of means
  3. computing meta partitions and meta trees
  4. two-step-clustering
  5. improvement of graphical techniques
  6. improvement of special algorithms

After a short description of these trends the paper concentrates on two-step-clustering. Finally the question will be discussed if these developments are able to solve some well known problems in cluster analysis, e.g. the determination of the number of clusters.