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Contributions: Abstract

Adolescent suicidal behavior: patterns and predictors

Lucia Monroy Arturo Bouzas Salvador Zamora
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

Recently, there has been much interest in studying the natural history of behaviors that could compromise the adolescent future. Nevertheless, the empirical study of the most dangerous risk, adolescent suicidal behavior, had not received the same attention. Few are the longitudinal studies that can address the question of the trend of the adolescent suicidal behavior.

This study describes patterns and predictors of suicidal behavior in 1,003 high school students in Mexico City. We used Latent Class Cluster Analysis to analyse the presence of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts measured at two times.

Three groups were detected in the sample: no-suicidal (no attempts and infrequent ideation at T1 and T2); escalators (increases in the probability of suicidal ideation and suicidal attempts between time 1 and time 2); suicidal (ideation and attempts at T1 and T2). With a logistic regression we detected as risk factors for suicidal attempts at time 2: being female, having a late pubertal development, and smoking. We also found as protective factors good academic performance, visiting family on leisure, and being religious.