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Contributions: Abstract

Physical apearence and intimate friendship in adolescence: a study of a Portuguese college students sample

Cordeiro Raul
Escola Superior de Enfermagem de Portalegre

Adolescence is becoming a broad field of investigations: an important part of the reorganization of the sense of identity, involving the establishment and development of intimate friendships as well as the perception of one's own self. These factors tend to acquire different values for boys and girls, in face of their expected social roles and their demands.

318 students were asked to answer a direct application questionnaire. A total of 309 students answered the questionnaire, 45% of which male and 55% female. All students were enrolled in the 12th year of education during the 2001/2002 school year and came from two public high schools.

The instruments used in the questionnaire were: Intimate Friendship Scale (Sharabany, 1994, 2000), The Self-Perception Profile for College Students (Neemann and Harter, 1986), and the Family Social Notation - Graffar, adapted from the original scale (Graffar, 1956). In addition, data on the variables school, sex, sge, residence location, number of years enrolled in the 12th year of education, number of repetitions (failures) in each year previous to the 12th year, and total number of repeated (failed) years before the 12th year were collected.

The results widely confirm former studies giving prominence to the values obtained for the various measures studied by sex. The values for Intimate friendship are higher for females, independently of the sex of the friend. They are statistically significant for Intimate friendship with the best friend, as well as for Intimate friendship in general.

Results for Perception of physical appearance, which are higher among males, suggest a different valuation between sexes of the aspects of the physical self-concept. The relationship between Intimate friendship and Physical appearance can be considered statistically significant (rs = -0,108, p = 0,059).