SMABS 2004 Jena University
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European Association of Methodology

Department of methodology and evaluation research

Jena University

Contributions: Abstract

In this presentation (to be given by the first author), we will show how standard item response models (e.g., Rasch models etc. ) can be extended to include explanatory aspects pertaining to the measurement situation (on either the person or the item side) using Generalized Linear Mixed Models (GLMMs) or Non-Linear Mixed Models (NLMMs; McCullough & Searle, 2001). This will be illustrated using a succession of models that expand in an explanatory way upon the Rasch model by including person predictors and item predictors, and interactions within and between these types. We will use data from a new study on anger and irritation.

McCulloch, C.E., & Searle, S.R. (2001). Generalized, linear, and mixed models. New York: Wiley.