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Contributions: Abstract

Multiple indicators multiple causes modeling (MIMIC): An application in the field of educational psychology

KV Petrides Norah Frederickson
University of London University College London
United Kingdom

This paper presents a series of Multiple Indicators Multiple Causes (MIMIC) models set up to investigate gender, socio-economic (SES), and ethnic group differences in academic performance (measured at 14 and at 16 years) on a sample of 517 British pupils (mean age = 16.5 years). The MIMIC technique is especially pertinent here, as it allows to model invariance across many different groups simultaneously and under small sample conditions.

The results of the final model showed that Pakistani pupils and girls tended to underperform relative to white pupils and boys, respectively, at 14 yrs, even after the correlations and effects of all other explanatory variables in the model, including IQ, were taken into account. The substantive implications of these findings are briefly discussed, with particular emphasis on the issue of test bias.