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Contributions: Abstract

Calibrated estimators of the ratio

Aleksandras Plikusas
Institute of Mathematics and Informatics

There are various statistical methods for improving estimators using auxiliary information. One of these is the calibration method. Growing computation power stimulates the consideration of estimators based on the extensive use of auxiliary information for the practice of official statistics. The calibration technique for the estimation of population totals was presented in Deville and Sarndal (1992). It can be used in the presence of nonresponse (Ludstrom and Sarndal, 1999).

In this presentation, a calibration problem for a nonlinear function of population totals is formulated. Some new calibrated estimators of the ratio of totals are proposed. The variance of the proposed estimators is compared with the variance of some known estimators. Different distance functions are considered, and a simulation study is presented.


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