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Contributions: Abstract

The development of an interaction observation system for analyzing the determinants of effectiveness in work groups

Patricia Simon
Universit├Ąt Regensburg

This article describes the development of the interaction observation system SYNergyPROgnosis (SYNPRO) for analyzing the determinants of effectiveness in work groups. The system is based on the results of experimental small group research about the determinants of effectiveness in the interaction process of work groups up until now.

For the development of the system a general formal scheme for constructing observation systems is generated. This scheme is based on a structural content analysis and the general construction principles of observation systems which are systematized. Until now, no satisfying statistic exists for the determination of the reliability of observation systems that require the observer to segment the interaction behavior by himself as in SYNPRO. In such systems, omission mistakes occur in addition to categorization mistakes. Therefore Cohen's Kappa coefficient was further developed to include omissions in the calculation, called Kappa Coefficient With Omission Calculation (KWOC).

For the measurement of the determinants of effectiveness specific indices were developed on the basis of the categories of SYNPRO, which are described in detail. In order to determine the validity of SYNPRO, a multiple regression analysis was conducted, resulting in the analysis instrument SYNPRO-EAI (effectiveness-analysis-instrument). With this instrument it is possible to predict the output potential of work groups with an accuracy of 83 to 89%. Finally, the range of application of SYNPRO in research is discussed.