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Contributions: Abstract

"Hares", "Normals", and "Tortoises" in a cognitive abilities test battery - different factor structures?

Tom Backer Johnsen
University of Bergen

The intention is to present fresh results from a study in progress based on data from the SEB (Swedish Enlistment Battery, in this case responses for one year, n = ca. 47000). This is a computer based cognitive ability test battery based on a hierarchical model of cognitive abilities (Mårdberg & Carlstedt, 1998). In addition to the responses, the computer logged the time used by each respondent on each item. The plan is to identify subgroups of the respondents based on the response times or latencies, mainly based on the "crystallized" and "fluid" type items in the test battery - e.g. the "Hares" (short response times and low scores) on the one hand, and "Tortoises" (long response times and relatively high scores) on the other. The prediction is that there will be clear differences in the factor structure both between the two extreme groups, and in respect to these groups in respect to the "Normals".


Mårdberg, B., & Carlstedt, B. (1998). Swedish Enlistment Battery (SEB): Construct validity and latent variable estimation of cognitive abilities by the CAT-SEB. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 6(2), 107-114.