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Contributions: Abstract

Public services user satisfaction: an application to higher education

Lola C. Duque
University of Barcelona

Competitiveness is not a concept applied uniquely to the private sector. Likewise, public sector organisations are seeking for higher levels of efficiency in their management, taking as a key and ultimate objective the consumer satisfaction. The multiple pressures and the quick changes that characterise the public sector make the study and creation of tools that support the decision-making to cover a special strategic interest.

The purpose of this paper is to conceptualise a model of public services user satisfaction, which enables to obtain a better knowledge of the assessment process the user makes. The model will be developed exploring the relationships between user satisfaction and the following latent variables: perceived service quality, user co-production or implication, service outcome and institutional reputation.

To empirically contrast the proposed model for higher education, structural equation methodology is used, with data collected from students of two public universities in Barcelona (Spain). The findings support interesting impacts such as the effect of co-production on service results, the effect of service results on user satisfaction, and the indirect effect of perceived service quality on institutional reputation. The study further suggests that the general interest must be of relevance in the organisational strategic planning.