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Jena University

Contributions: Abstract

Comparability of measures across languages

Willem Saris
University of Amsterdam
The Netherlands

In 2002/2003 data have been collected in 22 European countries in the context of the European Social Survey (ESS). In such a large scale cross national survey the comparability of the measures across countries and languages is a problem. Therefore an experiment was included in the ESS to evaluate 18 traits with respect to reliability and validity in all the participating countries. In this experiment 3 different methods (questions formulations for each trait) have been evaluated.

A new research design has been used in this study: the Split Ballot Multitrait Multmethod or SB-MTMM design. In this design, persons assigned randomly to different groups are confronted with two different forms of the questions. On the basis of the data that are incomplete by design for each group, all parameters of the MTMM model can be estimated using multiple group estimation procedures. In the presentation the SB-MTMM design will be discussed and the results from the ESS experiment will be presented.