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European Association of Methodology

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The 24th Biennial Conference of the Society for Multivariate Analysis in the Behavioral Sciences (SMABS 2004) meeting took place at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany, and was organized by Prof. Dr. Rolf Steyer and Dipl.-Psych. Andreas Wolf.

The SMABS 2004 conference is over and - we think - it was a very successful conference. The Organizing Committee would like to thank all participants for their part in the success of the conference which was only possible due to the numerous participants (at last, we counted 220+ participants from 33 countries) and the high quality of the contributions presented at the conference. We hope you enjoyed the conference as much as we did and we are looking forward to the next SMABS / EAM conference in 2006 in Budapest (organized by Tamas Rudás and Andras Vargha).

Videos and presentation files now online!

Videos and presentation files of the conference contributions are now available online to the SMABS participants and members of the European Association of Methodology. Hence, if you missed a talk or a workshop at the conference or if you are interested in a handout of a talk you can now download the presentation file of view the video online.