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en  ConQuest 2.0 at the conference SMABS 2004

Kursleitung: Mark Wilson (University of California, Berkeley, USA), Claus Carstensen (IPN, Kiel, Germany), Derek Briggs (University of Colorado at Boulder, USA)

Sommersemester 2004, Workshop, Kurslänge: 0.75 Stunden, Sprache: Englisch, Thema: Theories of psychometric tests

This full-day workshop will serve both as an introduction to the ACERConquest software, and as an update to the 2.0 version for those who are already familiar with version 1.0. Conquest is a program for multidimensional and multilevel item response modeling, using MML estimation, and allowing for the user to design their own item response models using a design matrix approach. The workshop will first provide a brief background to the models available, and give an overview of the way the software works. A series of examples will then be used to illustrate a series of increasingly complex models: (i) the Rasch, partial credit, and rating scale models, (ii) the LLTM, (iii), multidimensional item response models, and (iv) latent regression models. In the afternoon, time will be reserved for participants to work on their own data analyses; participants should bring along their own laptops (Windows) and data for this.

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