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en  Hypothesis evaluation using the Bayes factor at the European Congress of Methodology [EAM 2018]

Speakers: Prof. Dr. Herbert Hoijtink

Summer term 2018, Workshop, Language: English, Topic: Bayes Statistics

This workshop will introduce the participants to null hypothesis significance testing and its role in the replication crisis. Subsequently, an alternative, hypothesis evaluation using the Bayes factor will be introduced. It will be elaborated what the Bayes factor is, how it can be applied and should be interpreted. There will be attention for Bayesian updating (an alternative for power analysis), Bayesian (conditional) error probabilities, limitations of the approach, and software with which the Bayes factor can be computed.

This course was a pre-conference workshop in front of the VIII European Congress of Methodology [EAM 2018] at the University of Jena, Germany.

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Video of part 1 of this workshop

Video of part 2 of this workshop