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en  Multilevel Analysis: A Brief Introduction and SPSS-Tutorial

Speakers: Uwe Altmann, M.A.

Winter term 2011/2012, Workshop, Language: English, Topic: Multilevel modeling

Sprache / Language:English
Datum / Date:27.01.2012, 09.00 – 17.00 Uhr
Ort / Location:MMZ II, SR1227

Many scientific questions focused on relationships between variables. Multilevel models resp. hierarchical models are regression models that allow the testing of such relationships in the case of nested data (e.g. multiple students per class or multiple measurements per person).

The workshop gives a brief introduction into the theoretical foundations of multilevel models. In several exercises, it will be shown how multilevel analysis in SPSS using the MIXED procedure performed. Topics of the workshop are: generation of the necessary data format, two and three level models, integration of covariates, different variance-covariance structures, and model comparisons.

The workshop participants should have basic knowledge in regression models and the use of SPSS.

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