Social Evening (Wednesday)

Want to free your mind after a long day at the conference? Well, then Jena has some great options for you. Take a walk through paradise (a park near the train station Paradiesbahnhof) or along the river Saale. Enjoy good food, a cold drink and German gemütlichkeit in one of the bars and restaurants in the Wagnergasse. Or use your Wednesday evening to enjoy one of the 4 following activities in good company. If you’ve decided to join us, please let us know at, so we can send you more information and don’t exceed the maximum number of people per option. Any question can be addressed to the same mail address.

Discover the traces of the Middle Ages in Jena! The herb-wife Käthe will show you around the city and recount stories of the ways and laws of old. Sometimes amusing, sometimes eery, but always entertaining.

meeting point: 8 pm, in front of the municipal church St. Michaelis, end: 9.30 pm

Always wanted to see a ‘Coudé-Refraktor 150/2250’? Or at least look through an enormous telescope like the aforementioned refractor? Watch faraway stars or look around the neighbourhood. Watch Jupiter, the largest planet in the hood (or solar system or whatever you wanna call it) and discover the man in the moon from German lullabies. The society ‘Volkssternwarte Urania e.V.’ was founded in 1909 by astronomy enthusiasts working in the Zeiss plant. They will direct your gaze and answer any questions you have about celestial objects or the observatory.

beginning: 9.30 pm at Volkssternwarte Urania (Schillergäßchen 2a)

Ever tried climbing? Yes? Then you are welcome. No? Then you are welcome as well. Ascend to new heights in the bouldering hall ( - without constricting harnesses or complicated climbing gear. Don’t worry if you never went bouldering, one of us will show you the - completely metaphorical - ropes. You only need comfortable sportswear, 3 € for renting climbing shoes (or bring your own) and 9 € / 7.50 € (reduced) for the entrance fee.

meeting point: 7.45 pm in front of the conference hotel

Starting at the conference hotel (158 m), you can join our coworker Julie for a hike through the hills in the northwest of Jena. Enjoy the beautiful view from the Landgraf (264 m) into the Saale valley, a hundred meters above the roofs of Jena. Onwards to the napoleon stone (351 m) and through beautiful nature, ending at the restaurant and brewing inn Papiermühle (190 m). Group members who want to sample some local drinks or food should let us know so we can make a reservation at the restaurant. Others can take the bus number 16 (every hour) directly from the restaurant into the city centre or take the 25 minute walk along the stream Leutra back to the conference hotel.

meeting point: 7 pm in front of the conference hotel, the hike takes roughly 1 ½ hour normally, but please take into consideration that we’ll probably stop to enjoy the view ;-) Good exit points for early sleepers (straight roads down into the city centre) are available around each 30 minutes

There are some recommendations for your personal Wednesday evening:

  • Love classical music and/or the organ? Then you’ll enjoy Nami Nagata (Tokyo/Stuttgart) playing Händel, Bach, Brahms and more in the municipal church St. Michaelis. The concert starts at 8 pm, admittance begins at 7.15 pm (5 €).
  • You’re a fan of french singing? Then Carrousel ( might be more to your taste. As part of the open air festival Kulturarena they’ll be playing in front of the theatre, in the centre of Jena. The concert starts at 8 pm, admission starts at 7 pm, tickets can be bought beforehand (10 €) or - if you’re lucky - at the admission stand (12 €).
  • Always wanted to test what remained of the german classes you took so long ago? How about being surrounded by stars, while you’re at it? “Eingefangene Sterne - Live” in the Zeiss-Planetarium ( projects the current night sky on a screen of 800 square meter, while Gunter Helmer explains (only in German) constellations and shooting stars.The show starts at 7 pm, admission starts around 15 min beforehand. (10 €)
  • Love heights but hate stairs? Take the lift up to the observation deck of the Jentower. Standing 125 m above the city grants you a wonderful view in every direction. Study the busy centre, gaze across the calm forest climbing the surrounding hills and discover towers specked into the green. Or enjoy how the city lights up in the darkness of the night, it’s open until 11 pm. (3,50 €)
  • If you are interested in Tibetan Buddhism, ‘The Great Transmission’ ( - a film about the preservation of ancient knowledge in the face of current conflicts - might interest you. Strand 22, an open air bar facing the river Saale, shows this documentary in English with German subtitles. The evening starts with meeting Dieter Dolata (representative of the Tibetan Aid Project) and Lutz Föllmer (Nyingma meditation group Jena), the film starts at 9.30 pm.

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