Viewing of password protected videos

In order to view the password protected videos of the congress you will need an login for the Digital Library of Thuringia (DBT) and an access key for the video.

  1. If you are not a member in one of the universities in Jena, Ilmenau, Erfurt or Nordhausen, then you need a local user account for the DBT. On the following page you can self-register for such an account: Self-registration at the DBT.
  2. Please click on one of the videos in the schedule with a yellow button. On the follwing page please click on "Login".
  3. On the next page please click on "Login with local user account" and login with your username and password.
  4. After the login you will be asked for an access key for the video - please click on "Set access key" and use as access key the password for the abstracts and the abstracts book of the congress. If you cannot remember the password, please contact us to get it again.
  5. Enjoy the video - the access key for the selected video will be saved in the DBT, so you don't have to put it twice for this video.
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