Professionelle Videokamera im Studio des Multimediazentrums der Universität Jena

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Professionelle Videokamera im Studio des Multimediazentrums der Universität Jena
Foto: Jan-Peter Kasper/FSU
en  Analysis of Structural Equation Models with Lisrel 8.54

Speakers: Prof. Dr. Rolf Steyer, Dr. Friedrich Funke, Dipl.-Psych. Ulf Kröhne

Summer term 2004, Workshop, Course length: 24.50 hours, Language: English, Topic: Introduction to structural equation modeling

In order to view the videos, you need the VLC Player VLC media player which you can download here. The videos are hosted at the Digitale Bibliothek Thüringen Digitale Bibliothek Thüringen (dbt). The green linked videos and materials are for free. Click the green link to watch the video or download the file! In order to access all materials and videos, you need to log in.

Session Topic Video Slides
Session 01 Rules of computation & Introduction and Overview Videos IntroductionAndOverview.pdf
Session 02 Models of Classical Test Theory ModelsOfCTT.pdf
Session 03
Session 04 Models of Latent State Trait Theory LatentState-TraitTheory.pdf
Session 05
Session 06
Session 07
Session 08 True Change Models TrueChangeModels.pdf
Session 09 Latent Growth Curves LatentGrowthCurves.pdf
Session 10 Individual Causal Effects IndividualCausalEffects.pdf
Session 11
Session 12 Ordinal Variables
Session 13
Session 14
Session 15
Session 16
Session 17 Summary
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