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Symposium on Causality 2012
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Courses/Workshops of our department

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Current / previous courses

The following courses can be viewed online (videos as Real streaming, no complete download necessary) or demanded as CDs/DVDs. Members of the University of Jena have free online access.

en  Analysis of Causal Effects with EffectLite, LISREL and/or Mplus (was held in Amsterdam)

Speakers: Prof. Dr. Rolf Steyer

Summer term 2009, Workshop, Course length: 11.50 hours, Language: English, Topic: Analysis of causal effects

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Other courses to these topics:

• Introduction to structural equation modeling / Einführung in die Analyse von Strukturgleichungsmodellen

• Analysis of causal effects / Analyse kausaler Effekte

• Probability and regression / Wahrscheinlichkeit und Regression

• Methods of evaluation research / Methoden der Evaluationsforschung

• Introduction to statistics for psychologists / Einführung in die Statistik für Psychologen

• Multivariate Statistik für Psychologen

• Theories of psychometric tests / Theorien psychometrischer Tests

• Introduction to the General Linear Model

• Einführung in Log-lineare Modelle und ihre Anwendung zur Analyse latenter Variablen

• Multilevel modeling / Multilevel Modellierung

• Introduction and Statistics with R / Einführung und Statistik mit R

• Other / Sonstiges